Morning exercises for kids

Morning exercises for kids

Exercise can give kids a boost of energy for the day ahead. This can help them feel more alert and focused during their school or other activities.

Here are some ideas for morning exercises that kids can do:

1. Yoga is an excellent way for kids to stretch and move their bodies. There are lots of kid-friendly yoga videos available online, or you can find a children’s yoga class in your community.
2. Jumping jacks: This classic exercise is simple and easy for kids. Have your child stand with their feet together and their hands by their sides. Then, have them jump and spread their legs out while raising their arms above their head.
3. Marching: Have your child march in place, lifting their knees high and swinging their arms. This helps with coordination and can also be a lot of fun.
4. Running: If you have a safe outdoor space, encourage your child to go for a run or a jog. This is an excellent way to get their heart rate up and get some fresh air.
5. Squats: Have your child stand with their feet shoulder-width apart and lower their body as if sitting back in a chair. This exercise helps with leg strength and balance.
6. Push-ups: For older kids, push-ups are a great way to build upper body strength. Have your child start in a plank position and lower their body until their chest almost touches the ground.
7. Jumping rope: This classic childhood activity is a great cardiovascular workout. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can have your child pretend to jump rope or use a towel or scarf as a makeshift rope.

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