Halloween activities for Kids

Halloween activities for Kids

lHalloween Activities for Kids

Trick-or-treating is not the only exciting part of Halloween. On October 31, engage your children to express their creativity by making easy Halloween crafts. Moreover, Halloween costumes (for families, couples, and groups), pumpkin carving, and DIY decorating are exciting parts of this spooky season. Nothing beats getting together for a day (or night) of arts and crafts. That’s why we have compiled a list of the Halloween activities for kids to keep them entertained.

so, after you’ve finished crafting, you can use some of them as decor or have your children change them into toys for fun. And the best part about these activities? Many of these recommendations are simple and affordable. You can look for the materials at your local craft store or in your craft closet (paper, cardstock, glue, scissors, and construction paper are a few requirements). So get your kids’ DIY hats on and check out these Halloween crafts that impress your Halloween party guests.

Mummy Manson Jar craft for Halloween

Cute mummies may be spooky, right? This “mummy wrap” Halloween decoration takes very little time and effort. To achieve this effect, wrap some white netting over your mason jar, add googly eyes, and a flameless candle inside. Place this jar on your porch for a scary touch. This Halloween craft is an easy and perfect idea for a Halloween party.

Halloween craft for kids using cupcake liners

It is a perfect Halloween activity for kids to do at home. Let’s do it with us.

  • Firstly, cut out the center of the paper plates to make a basic “wreath” for the kids to work on.
  • Secondly, collect the remaining supplies, then begin the task! Paint the children’s paper plate wreaths with orange paint.
  • Let each kid design a jack-o-lantern face on an orange cupcake liner while the paint is drying. For this activity, the black permanent markers worked better than other markers.
  • Thirdly, once everything has dried, let the children design their wreaths. I just gave the kids the materials and let them go! 
  • Fothly, once the cupcake liners are attached to the wreath, write “Happy Halloween!” on them.
  • Lastly, display the children’s Halloween decorations with pride.
  • Halloween Balloons DIY Craft for Kids

Halloween balloons are essential for a great Halloween party. It is a geart idea to conduct halloween activities for kids. You will love these creative Halloween balloons decoration ideas for kids.

 Steps to make a Pumpkin Balloon Garland

  • Firstly, begin by tracing and cutting out scary faces.
  • Secondly, fill your balloons with air and attach your faces by removing the sticky backing and placing them on the balloon.
  • Thirdly, wrap a little piece of green pipe around the base of the balloon and use it to “tie” the balloon onto the string to make the garland. Continue connecting each balloon in the same way.
  • Lastly, when you have the exact length of the garland, hang it. Finally, your Halloween craft is ready.
  • Puffy ghosts for Halloween Décor

Puffy ghost Halloween decor is perfect for your kid’s craft.

Steps to follow

  • Roll small balls of cotton.
  • Let your kid glue cotton balls to the shape after cutting out the ghost on white cardboard using a template or freehand design. 
  • At last, add a set of black craft paper eyes and a smile. You are successful in your Halloween craft.
  1. Ghost of a lollipop

It is the most affordable and easy-to-go Halloween activity for kids. 

  • Wrap a coffee filter around a lollipop to form the shape of a ghost and tie it with a black ribbon bottom of the lollipop. 
  • Create the spooky face of your wish. 
  • Finally, worth making Halloween decorations are ready.
  1. Pumpkin door hangers craft for Halloween

 Halloween season is here; decorate all door handle with this quick and easy pumpkin door hanger craft. Make your child’s jack-o-lantern face by decorating orange cupcake wrappers with googly eyes and black craft foam shapes. Glue a green ribbon strip to the back of the cupcake wrapper to serve as a hanger. This pumpkin hanger activity is among the best Halloween activities for kids.

  1. Halloween Stones activity for kids

Halloween stones craft is a unique way to add colors to your Halloween party. Pick some stones from your backyard. All you need is to paint it orange and black colors. Your Halloween stones are ready for decoration.

  1. Jack-o-lanterns paper bags for Halloween

This project is as easy as it is enjoyable. Draw jack-o’-lantern faces on brown paper bags with permanent markers. Watch how the bags turn into grinning ghouls in front of your eyes. Use Halloween quotes to get everyone into the Spooky spirit.

  1. Paint Pumpkins for Halloween

When it comes to Halloween activities for kids, the traditional ways are the best option. Make it classic by having your kids paint Halloween-themed designs on pumpkins. Alas, your fun and easy Halloween pumpkin are ready.

  1. Halloween Balloons Stress Balls

If you are looking for a jack-o-lantern craft for Halloween activities? It is the best thing to do with your kids.


  • At first, fill an orange balloon with flour, cornstarch, or baking soda using a funnel. 
  • At second, tie the balloon and have your kid draw a jack-o-lantern face on it.
  • At last, your Halloween stress balls are ready to place.
  1. Ghost Footprints Activity for Kids

It might be tough to find simple Halloween projects for kids that even your youngest can enjoy and complete on their own. In addition, we have found a solution thanks to this ghost feet craft. Guide your child with painting the bottom of their foot (white for ghosts, or their choice for witches) may stamp it on a piece of paper. When the paint is dry, use a marker to add smiling faces and other features. However, it may be a little messy, so be prepared!

  1. Monsters Popsicle Sticks for Halloween

These stick monsters are simple to make because there is no right or wrong way to create your monster. However, you will have a funny-faced monster no matter how you cut the colored paper and glue the spooky eyes.


Oh, monsters, ghosts, and witches! It is the trick-or-treating season! Prepare your home for Halloween with these Halloween Crafts. Whether you want to be cute or scary, these ideas will get you in the spirit of Halloween. Even better, most are simple to build and require only a few materials. Because you also need to make time for all the other Halloween activities!



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