Father’s day activities for kids including easy art and crafts to make your father proud

Father's day

Father’s day

Father’s Day is a day of honoring all father figures in our lives or appreciating Father. Father’s Day is a great occasion to show our Dads how much we appreciate them with handcrafted presents such as Father’s Day kids crafts and rhymes. You may find simple DIY activities for kids on our website.

Here are 5 Father’s Day crafts for kids that dads everywhere will appreciate. Of course, these can also customize for whomever your children want to present a homemade gift to – grandpas, uncles, or even valued older siblings.

Walk in Father’s Shoes

 If you want your child to make a perfect present, this Father’s day Idea is for you. What steps did we take to create one of our favourite Father’s Day activities for kids?

  • Firstly, we used blue paint to paint the bottom of an old pair of Father’s sneakers and carefully positioned the shoe on paper.
  • After, I painted the bottom of the child’s foot green once the shoe print dried. Then I assisted him in placing his footprint on the paper.
  • Thirdly, step two is to print the phrase “Someday I want to walk in your shoes on a frame.
  • Lastly, this simple Father’s Day craft would be a joy for you to complete. I am sure your kid enjoys walking in his Father’s shoes.

Heart Banner

Allow the kids to paint the wooden hearts whatever they want. For the base coat, I let the kids choose from red, orange, blue, or green paint. I did not do any of the painting for the kids, but I did encourage them to cover the entire piece of wood with paint. Add the handprints when the paint has dried. We made all of the handprints white so they would pop. We found that having the hand prints at an angle looked best after a few experiments. It was also effective for children with larger hands. After the handprints have dried, write Best Dad Hands Down across the top of the wooden heart banners. It is one of the best Father’s Day activities for kids.

Pasta Pots idea 

With these DIY pasta planters, you can gift dads something to smile about this day. Here are some steps for this easy Father’s Day activity for kids.

Begin by painting the pots. We also painted the top a few inches of the inside, but you can leave this unpainted if you like. Allow to dry completely. It is time to crack some jokes. Gather all of your pasta and begin experimenting with different shapes to make faces. If you want to expand your pasta collection, we recommend visiting specialty food stores for the best selection. Whatever noodles you choose, arrange them on your work table and paint each separately. Allow to dry completely.

Once the painted pot and pasta are dry, glue the features to the planter and leave the pot horizontal to dry so that the pasta does not slide off. It works best if you have an empty bowl or something similar to rest the pot in to keep it from rolling around. Allow several hours for drying. If you intend to use the planter only inside, you are ready to place your new plant inside. Apply a coat of seal if you want it to be weatherproof.

Tie idea Father’s day

Father’s Day is almost here. This year, let us make a personalized kid-made art Father’s Day tie craft for dad. We will guide you to make a tie for dad that is unlike any other in the world because you made it. We will make a personalized tie for Dad to wear out of a polyester tie, crayons, and an iron. Kids are not allowed to use iron without any assistance.


  • Draw a picture on plain white paper with fabric crayons. You can use stencils, draw freehand, or scribble with colours. You may need to colour several sheets of paper to cover the entire tie, or you may only need one sheet for a design on the bottom.


  • With the ironing instructions, read the instructions on the back of the fabric crayon box. Put a piece of paper underneath the tie to avoid ironing any colour surface you are ironing.
  • If you have multiple sheets of paper, repeat this process.

Memory Jar Idea

To memorialize a year of great times and experiences with Daddy, we created a Father’s Day Memory Jar, also known as a snow globe. This craft is simple, and you can personalize it for any occasion, holiday, recipient, or memory collection. Depending on their age, interest, and skill set, children can be as involved as they want in the planning, picture selection, crafting, and wrapping of this present.

Steps to follow

  • Firstly, you required a jar, glycerin, pictures, laminating pouches for pictures, glitter, and sealer to make this Father’s Day craft.
  • Secondly, fill a jar with distilled water, then add a pinch of glitter and glycerin to help the glitter float.
  • To test the results, shake the jar.
  • Print 2×3 images of some of your favourite photos throughout the past year.
  • Put two photos back to back in a business card-sized pouch and laminate.
  • Add the pictures to the glitter, glycerin, and water mixture. We grouped images, pausing to examine and reflect on each one before placing them in the jar. Then shook it and set it down to watch the memories float around.
  • Lastly, seal the jar with the help of glue. There was not much water leaking out, but there was enough if we turned it upside down.





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