Easter activities for kids to teach about regional festivals

Easter Activities for Kids

Are you looking for Easter activities for kids? 

You are in the right place. I enjoy a good Easter activity. The choices are unlimited with the eggs, the colours, the bunnies, and the chicks. However, what are the best Easter activities for kids, and where can you find them? You can find them right here. I searched a lot on the internet for you to find the best Easter activities for your kids like our top Christmas activities for kids.

How can Easter be more enjoyable for kids?

You can do it; by providing them with fun activities for kids to engage in and setting up activities for a month in preparation for Easter. However, guess what? Easter activities do not have to be complicated. You can create different DIY activities for kids at home. Here are our top 6 suggestions.

  1. Oats Eggs for Kids

Did you try the Easter Oats Egg activity with your kids?

There are countless ways to use those plastic Easter eggs to keep your child entertained throughout the spring. Firstly, fill your huge sensory bin with oats and plastic Easter eggs, motor scooping tools, measuring spoons, funnels, stacking cups, or whatever you prefer. This Easter sensory activity is best as simple and enjoyable. Moreover, it’s easy to do. An Easter sensory bin is great for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

  1. Easter Egg Wall for Kids

It was great fun. We tried it with water and food colouring water, but it was messy. This project was entertaining and beneficial in developing problem-solving abilities, fine motor skills, colour recognition, and sensory awareness. What you will need for the plastic egg water wall is as follows: Plastic egg halves, sticky Velcro tabs, scissors, a bathtub, a cup of water, a dropper (optional)


Firstly, cut the Velcro tabs to fit one side of the egg halves. Secondly, glue them to the eggs. Attach the Velcro tab to the bathtub’s wall. Likewise, fix the eggs to the wall. Let them settle for a few minutes. Then, using a dropper, fill the egg with water. Finally, your water wall is ready. It is fun doing Easter activities for kids.


  1. The Chick Easter Project for Kids

This cute little chick is an easy art and craft idea for kindergarten and older kids. If you simplify it a little or assist with a few steps, it will be an easy activity for kids in school.

How to do it?

Make paper strips into the wings of the chick. Secondly, make a circle out of yellow paper. It will be the body. Then, glue this circle to a sheet of white (or any other colour) paper. Make small paper loops with the paper strips by pasting the ends of the strips together. Create loops out of your paper strips and let the glue dry. Now, glue it to form the wings of your chick and cut the legs, beak, and eyes from orange paper. At last, glue them on your chick. As a result, your paper Easter chick project is ready.

  1. Easter Craft Sticks for Kids

This simple craft is perfect for the holidays, and once your kids finish making these Easter craft sticks, they can play with them, which doubles the enjoyment.

How to do it?

To start, colour the craft stick and let it dry. While drying, cut the head forms from yellow construction paper, a round one for the chick and a white circle with ears for the rabbit. Make the beak, nose, and ears by drawing (or pasting) them. Apply a pair of googly eyes. When the paint on the craft sticks has dried, put it into the center of the pipe cleaner. Wrap the pipe cleaners around them and twist them on the back of the craft stick. Wrap the pipe cleaner until it is completely wrapped. Finally, your Easter craft stick is ready.

  1. Toilet Paper Rolls Easter activity for Kids

This toilet rolls Easter craft is a fun activity for kids and a great way to display the coloured eggs. We will start by colouring the paper rolls (or glueing some colourful paper on them. When they dry, cut them in half or in a zig-zag pattern if making a grass basket. Cut a long strip of paper and glue it inside the roll to form an arch – this will be the handle. You can also cut wings and a beak for the chicks, long ears for the bunnies, and flowers for the grass to decorate your mini creations. Hola. The Easter project is ready.

  1. Easter Egg prints for Kids

Let’s try making Easter egg potato stamps! It ended well and may be used to make homemade Easter cards. A potato, a knife, paint, and a sheet of paper are all required.

Steps to follow

Firstly, cut the potato into halves with the help of an adult and draw a design with a knife.  Secondly, straight lines were the simplest to draw and looked cute. We also tried zig-zags, which worked well. Lastly, dip the potato in the paint and stamp it on a piece of paper. Your colourful Easter egg prints are ready. It is an easy Easter activity for kids.


I hope you will find out easy and fun-loving Easter activities for kids. Let us know if you try one.






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