Birthday ideas and games for kids

Birthday ideas and games for kids

Birthday ideas and games for kids

Birthday ideas and games for kids are a great way to get everyone to engage. We have found some of the best birthday party activities for kids. Trends in children’s party games come and go, but traditional kids’ party games never go out of style. Whether you organize it as an indoor games for kids or outdoors, it requires little setup and is cheap and easy to handle. However, we chose these ideas and games to help you with a birthday event for your kids.

Photo Booth Ideas for Kids

Firstly, make a DIY photo booth to collect memorable party moments. Secondly, you only need pool noodles and balls to organize it. Your kid is ready to strike a pose. Thirdly, set the props against a blank wall and let the kids pick their favorite. Sunglasses, pom-poms, and rainbow shirts are all fun options. Then, cut colored pool noodles into strips and glue them in a rainbow shape to the poster board. Finally, hang it with a ribbon. Your photo booth is ready for the birthday party for your kids.

Homemade Slime Ideas for Kids

It is a good idea for kids to make their birthday special. Your next birthday party will be the hottest topic of discussion if you set up a slime-making station. Firstly, set up an indoor or outdoor long table with all the required items to make homemade slime. Secondly, give every kid a glass jar and free printable tags for a fun party activity that also serves as a take-home present.

Cake Decoration Idea for Kids

Do your kids enjoy helping you in the kitchen and love to do art and crafts? Then this birthday idea is for your kids.

For doing this activity:

Firstly, let your kids “paint cakes” with edible food-safe colors. Secondly, choose a few colors, get some sponges and paintbrushes, and let them paint.

Create a hat idea for kids.

Are you looking for birthday ideas and games for kids?

Creating a birthday hat is an engaging activity for kids. To make colorful birthday party hats, you need construction paper, scissors, glue, and glitter.

  • Firstly, collect the materials and let your kids create hats.
  • Secondly, trace the designs and cut them with scissors.
  • Then Join both ends with the glue according to your head size.
  • Lastly, apply glitter or other things to decorate it.
  • Finally, your birthday hats are ready.


The Musical Chair game for kids

Are you looking for birthday party game ideas for kids? The musical chair is a great birthday party game for kids. It is easy to set up in the backyard.

How to set

Arrange the seats in a circle. While the music is playing, have the children circle the chairs; when the music stops, the children must pick a chair to sit on. Remove one chair each time the music pauses. If a kid is not sitting in a chair when the music stops, he is out.

Balloon Relay Race Game

For party games, running and balloons are always great options.

To play this game,

Divide your guests into four-player relay teams, two on each side of the play area. This game is played while holding an inflated balloon between their knees and jumping across the play space. Other versions ask participants to travel with the balloon without using their hands. When played in couples, each pair must move across with a balloon crushed between their heads, backs, or bellies! Alternatively, you might give each player an inflated balloon and have them race to the finish line. The first team who finishes their task will win. It is one of the best birthday party games for kids.

“Ball Catch Game”

Are you looking for a game to play at home? The ball catch game is a great birthday party game idea.

For this game, you have to utilize some bleach bottles from home. Remove the label from a cleaned bottle and cut the bottom off. Decorate them with paint or tape and use them to play catch. It is the perfect birthday party game for three-year-olds.

Unicorn Horns Decor Idea

Unicorn birthday parties are popular, so choose a birthday party activity to keep the unicorn fans entertained. It is a great birthday party idea to do it at your home.

How to create this party craft?

  • Firstly, take some ice cream cones from the market.
  • Make their frosting at home.
  • Collect some sprinkles and waffles to decorate it.
  • Finally, use them to decorate unicorn horns, and they are ready.
A Sack Race Idea

The Sack Race is a popular game for kids. To play, a player needs a sack or a pillowcase. To race, the child must stand with their feet inside the bag and race to the finish line. The winner is the first player to cross the finish line or the first team to have all members jump. It is a great birthday party game for kids.

A Flower Crown Idea

Have you tried this birthday idea? It is an easy-to-do girl’s birthday activity.

These DIY flower crowns are the most beautiful party presents we have ever seen and are perfect for a floral-themed birthday celebration. During the party, set up a do-it-yourself station and allow each visitor to make their own. You will need artificial flowers, wire, and glue to complete it.


Let us know if you try our birthday ideas or games from our top 10 suggestions.




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